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It Diving Anda Bohol: a paradise for divers

Scuba Diving Anda Bohol:

Top insiders know that on Bohol the most beautiful and varied diving area is located near Anda. Those who visit Bohol as a diver should definitely go to Anda, as here is one of the most beautiful coral gardens in the world.

At a depth of only 4 - 10 m you can see a blaze of colour that is hardly found anywhere else in the world! As the reef top is shallow, this fantastic diving area near Anda is also ideal for snorkeling.

29 fantastic dive sites are offered by this super beautiful dive site in Anda and you DIVE almost alone, because the dive site around Anda is still completely spared from mass tourism! You dive here like in paradise. Almost 500 coral species and over 1.000 fish species have been registered here. Whether drift diving, wall diving, or slowly gliding over the colorfulness of the huge soft coral garden, or the large number of different snails, seahorses, tunas, schools of jackfish, froggis, sea cobras, barracudas or Spanish dancers.

You like sea turtles? Then you are exactly right with us, because we offer a hundred percent guarantee for many turtles. It is not unusual to dive at Turtle Point with 20, 30, 40 turtles. But also at all other dive sites you will see turtles. Scuba Diving Anda Bohol Night diving is also OBLIGATIONAL. Here you have the chance to see not only crabs, shrimps, stargazers, crocodile fish, snails, leaf fish, anemone crabs, decorater spider crab, harlequin shrimp and much more while night diving, but also the blue ring octopus. All this is offered by this fantastic diving area and much, much more.

A perfect combination for your diving holiday. diving with whale shark philippines Many of our guests combine their scuba diving holiday in Anda with our 6 day liveaboard to Leyte to dive with the whale sharks or snorkel. Information about this safari can be found here. Diving holidays and scuba diving Anda - Bohol For this beautiful diving area we have a perfect partner in Anda, Kims Garden Resort and the Blue Star Dive Resort.

With us and the resort you can spend a fantastic snorkeling or diving holiday with Anda!

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