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Some information about the most beautiful and best dive sites and diving areas:

Diving Philippines

The diving areas in the Philippines are among the most beautiful in the world. Dive with us at the best sites in the Visayas, the main diving area of ​​the Philippines.

Diving in the Philippines

The Philippines' sites are home to some of the best and most diverse marine ecosystems in Asia. There are over 500 types of hard and soft corals and over 1,000 types from small fish to large fish. The variety is amazing and offers all levels of diving experience and interest. You can find exact descriptions of all under our information on liveaboards.

Diving Bohol - Philippines

The region and the island of Bohol are known for their steep wall and home to the large diving areas around Alona Beach and the islands of Panglao, Balicasag, Cabialao and Pamilacan. The impressive hard and soft coral gardens are fabulous. The region also offers for fantastic drift diving. This combination of coral gardens, steep walls and drift diving offers something for divers of all experience. The most diverse diving area is in Anda / East Bohol. Information here

Diving island Leyte / whale sharks

If you want to experience the absolute highlight with whale sharks, you cannot avoid Leyte. But not only the whale sharks fascinate the divers. Regardless of the many beautiful diving areas, Sogod Bay offers one of the most beautiful steep walls in the world. The steep wall of Napantau is second to none in Asia. diving Philippines 

Diving Alona Beach Panglao
Heiligtum: (max. 25m) is 5 minutes. by boat from Alona Beach. Anemones and corals are full of life like small fish of all kinds, dragon heads, frogfish and nudibranchs. Sea snakes can be found in sandy areas. The best place for a night diving. Kalipayan: (max. 25 m). 10 min. by boat from

Alona beach. Beautiful corals, almost always a group of batfish, some lionfish and a multitude of brightly colored nudibranchs. Take a look around the reef above in the sandy area with the coral blocks. We have almost always found a pair of robust piper fish in the sandy area and large stone fish in the lower part. Also good for night diving.

Bohol Beach Club: (max. 25 m). 15 minutes. by boat from Alona Beach. Sandy area on the bottom. There is a small cave with a school of cardinal fish and flatworms and slugs. There are so many moray eels and snake eels at the entrance.

Doljo: 40min. by boat from Alona Beach. This site is visited when the Habagat (south-west wind) is strong because it is more protected. The steep wall is full of sea fans (at 35m).

Napaling: 30 min. by boat from Alona Beach. This is a diving on a steep wall with huge sea fans and black corals. Sometimes schools of barracudas or mackerel can be seen. On the edge of the reef there are table corals with a lot of small fish and moray eels.

Diving Balicasag Island
Balicasag Island, especially "Black Forest" are among the most beautiful diving areas in the world. Black Forest Experienced divers have named Black Forest the BEST site on Balicasag Island because it is unique in the world. With many sea turtles and schools of barracudas and jacks, the Black Forest is one of the most and lively diving spots in the Philippines.

Heaven The height difference of 6 m to 40 m make a steep wall. Like most of Balicasag Island, stone corals dominate in the flat area. Spectacular species such as Napoleons, dragon heads, anglerfish and angelfish can be found there.

Cathedral The cathedral in Balicasag is really divine. You could encounter turtles, triggerfish, puffer fish and many other species. Many whip corals and soft corals are present there. In the 8 m flat area full of stone corals and lots of reef fish.

Rico’s Wall – Sanctuary Sanctuary is a protected area of ​​Balicasag. This is where you can expect to find many juvenlie juvenile species. The drop at this point goes from 4m to 60m, so you diving over the deep blue that it is a sheer wall. Insel

Pamilacan and Snake Island:
Pamilacan and Snake Island are often connected. Steep walls and many many sea snakes can be found here. But also the island of the dolphins. Diving Sumilon Island: If you want to diving with big fish, you've come to the right place. The sharks had disappeared for years, but they have been back for about two years. Shark species such as white and black tip reef shark, but sometimes also fox sharks and tiger sharks can be seen. sharks philippines

Diving Apo Island Apo Island
is one of the smallest volcanic islands in the Philippines. It is one of the world's best known marine reserves. Diving on Apo Island is perhaps the best diving adventure in the Visaya region. Under the clear blue waters of the island is a breathtaking collection of over 600 documented fish species and 400 different corals. Here is the most coral garden in the world!

Diving Dauin / Negros Island
Dauin is a place famous for its macro life. Seahorses, pipefish, frogfish, other types of lions and scorpion fish and slugs are very common. The Eel Garden area in question is also quite unique and an excellent location for photographers and night diving. With our liveaboards you can dive all these fantastic diving areas.

Philippines Diving - Diving Philippines


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