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Diving with Whale Sharks Philippines

 If you always wanted to fulfill your dream of diving with whale sharks or snorkeling with whale sharks, you can fulfill your dream with us. From December to May we offer regular whale shark safaris to South Leyte. Experience with us the fascination of the whale sharks on the Philippines - Island Leyte.

Our whale shark tour brings you up close to the biggest fish in the world. As the whale sharks swim very close under the water surface, the whale shark trips are ideal for snorkeling! Snorkeling with whale sharks, an unforgettable experience awaits YOU! Sogod Bay - South Leyte. There is a bay where big whale sharks stay for some months. As South Leyte is very far away for most dive centres, there is NO mass tourism there. Almost ALONE snorkel or dive with these giants and fulfill a fantastic dream!

snorkeling with whale shark

whale sharks leyte island philippines

Snorkeling with whale sharks - Leyte

We are often asked what is more ideal. Snorkeling or diving with whale sharks. Both have their absolute fascination. In Leyte the whale sharks are very often at the surface or only 2-10 m depth. If such conditions are present, you can snorkel with the whale shark for a very long time. Diving with the whale sharks can be very exhausting if they don't circle around you but just swim by.

Liveaboard Whale Shark Philippines

We fulfill the wishes of many divers with this whale shark dive safari. With us you can fulfill your dream with big fish in the Philippines. We offer regular liveaboard trips to South Leyte from December to May. We start from Anda / East Bohol and during the liveaboard we also dive in different dive sites of South Leyte before heading to Pintuyan. South Leyte is a paradise for divers, because it is still diving like in paradise. South Leyte is still completely free from mass tourism due to its geographical location. If you are interested in untouched diving areas, fantastic drop-offs and coral gardens, in peace and quiet and unspoiled jungle, then South Leyte is the right place for you. The most famous dive sites are in the south of Leyte in the area of Limasawa Island and Sogod Bay.

Costs including all necessary transfers from the airport/ferry port Tagbilaran/Anda - East Bohol. Price: 1.045 € p. P. Possible combination trip: • 2 nights at Blue Star Dive Resort incl. breakfast • 6 days Whale Shark Safari to South Leyte (Vollpension) • 6 nights at Blue Star Dive Resort incl. breakfast • incl. all transfers from Tagbilaran Price p. P.: 1.550 € (on occupancy - double cabin)

Video Leyte - PART 1

Video Leyte - PART 2

If you also want to see dolphins you should join one of our 6 day liveaboards Philippines. Who doesn't love these beautiful animals?! Often many dolphins accompany us on our multi-day dive safaris.


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